Thursday, October 21, 2004

Location set for War Of The Worlds movie

This just in from the Putnam County News Recorder - Cold Spring,NY,USA
Cold Spring Board Approves "War of the Worlds".
Coming soon to a waterfront near you: an alien invasion of truly epic proportions, starring Tom Cruise and a cast up to 1,000 locals. Despite some initial uncertainty, the Cold Spring Village Board gave the green light for Paramount Pictures to film a scene from their big-budget remake of "War of the Worlds" on the lower half of Main Street at their October 12 monthly meeting.
The full article has more but you need to subscribe, so I'm not 100% keen to spend $30.00 to find out more.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Two War Of The Worlds movies

Tom Cruise has been pipped to the post by Pendragan Pictures, who have come up with their own movie version of the War Of The Worlds, and rather than set it in modern times, this is the real deal, set in Victorian England. Principle photography has wrapped after 3 months of secret shooting in England and the Pacific North West.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mars in the news

This is the first of hopefully many posts on this blog. The blog is affiliated to my web site, The War Of The Worlds Invasion, a one stop site for all things about the planet Mars, but especially the impact of science fiction on the planet and even more specifically, the 1938 panic broadcast by Orson Welles.
Of course Mars is in the news a lot at the moment. A number of probes including two NASA rovers are doing amazing work on the surface of the red planet, and Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg are hard at work on a movie of The War Of The Worlds.