Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More Spielberg WOTW pics leak

Some interesting new images have shown up on this German site

Saturday, March 26, 2005

And this makes three!

A third War Of The Worlds movie is in the works. Its a 48 million dollar all CGI film, and the one and only Jeff Wayne is behind it. This could be great and is in preperation to coincide with a release of his amazing musical version.
The official site (with just holding page for now) is here, but Waroftheworldsonline has some exlusive CGI test films.

War Of The Worlds (not the Spielberg version) Pushed back to late April

(Official Poster: click for larger image)

March 25, 2005

The Principals of Pendragon Pictures announce the push
back of the theatrical release date of H.G. WELLS' THE
WAR OF THE WORLDS from March 30th, 2005 to late April
with the exact date yet to be announced.

"The push back is due entirely to production," states
director Timothy Hines. "I've worked for seven year on
this film and as the release deadline approached I was
faced with a very simple choice, rush the picture or
push the release date back and do the movie right."
Hines is unapologetic about the push back. "This was
absolutely the right thing to do. My picture, H.G.
WELLS' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS is an epic with thousands
of special effects. It would have been absurd to cut
scenes or rush effects when the movie was so close to
completion. The thousands of fan letters that pour in
every week reflect that this decision is correct and in
the end it was the only way to go. Nobody remembers
that some episodes of STAR WARS have been up to a year
late, that Francis Ford Coppola, Kubrick and many other
directors have routinely missed deadliness to get their
picture right. H.G. WELLS' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS is all
we hoped it would be and more."

A few private test screenings have brought
overwhelmingly positive responses. Test audiences have
reacted with strong emotions ranging from tears to
triumphant. "I'm not surprised at the powerful reaction
to the movie from our test groups," says Hines. "We did
the book. Wells was a powerful writer. THE WAR OF THE
WORLDS is a tragic story. It's a horror story. I didn't
play the battles between the human artillery and the
giant three-legged fighting machines triumphantly.
This is humanity losing its planet to an invading
force. Well, for a time anyway. That people have shown
they are moved by the movie says we got it right."

The exact April theatrical release date of H.G. WELLS'
THE WAR OF THE WORLDS will be announced shortly, though
the DVD release is locked. The picture is presold for
DVD into 60,000 retail stores in the U.S. and Canada
and will hit the shelves June 15th, 2005. Worldwide DVD
presales are in progress.

Two books on the making of Pendragon's H.G. WELLS' THE
WAR OF THE WORLDS will hit the bookstores on June 1st.
The books are published by Retrovision in association
with Ed Gross, the east coast editor of CFQ
(Cinefantastique) Magazine.

Book One: The Lost Film
A comprehensive behind the scenes look at the War of
the Worlds film that wasn't, taking the project from
its point of conception, through the design stage,
negotiations with studios and talent, conversations
with Dreamworks and Paramount and, finally, the impact
of September 11th on the production. Book one
culminates with the decision to mothball the project
and the reasons behind it. From there, the entire
original script is offered, which is accompanied by
storyboards and production illustrations.

Book Two: All's Well That Ends Wells
Book two begins with a recap of the events of Book One,
primarily the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and
the filmmakers' sense of responsibility that they could
not go forward with the movie that they had envisioned,
feeling that it mirrored reality too closely. Tracked,
is the hit the film took in terms of budget, dropping
from $42 million to $8 million and eventually up again
to $20+ million. Creatively, the decision to harken
back to the H.G. Wells novel is explored, and that this
is the first version to truly tap into the source
material. The new screenplay is included accompanied by
numerous production designs and finished sequences.
Also included are interviews with cast members and
behind the scenes special effects personnel to tell the
entire story of the making of the film.

THE WORLDS books contact Retrovision at .

On another note, director Timothy Hines addresses some
of the many rumors floating around concerning the
competition between his and Spielberg's respective
productions, amongst which are that Hines is financed
by George Lucas in retaliation for Spielberg cutting
into Lucas' STAR WARS business or that Paramount and
Dreamworks have publicity attack teams that use the
acronym DDP (Discredit Discourage Pendragon).

"Most of these rumors are laughable," smiles Hines, "I
would love it if George Lucas threw some support in our
direction. If Lucas and Spielberg actually do have
tension about Spielberg cutting into STAR WARS
business, I know nothing about that. Concerning our
film, it really exists, it will be distributed and all
who wish to see it in the end will have their
opportunity to do so."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Japanese Trailer seeing red

A slightly different Japanese trailer for the War Of The Worlds (Spielberg version) is up at the apple Japan site. Interesting point: Since we learn that Spielberg's aliens do not hail from Mars, has anyone told the Japanese? Because that looks a lot like the planet Mars on their poster! Hunting around Japanese websites (search for "uchu sensou" which seems to the Japanese title - Altavista translates it as "space war"), I came upon this great large size image of the Japanese poster. It's not quite Mars, but pretty close in spirit don't you think. Check it out here.

Is rival WOTWs going straight to DVD?

With no sign of exactly who is going to release Timothy Hines authentic version of The War Of The Worlds in cinemas, an interesting news item surfaces on Forbes. Could it be the movie is going to ship on DVD in June just in time to ride the coat-tails of Cruise and Spielberg? A little sad if true.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

New Trailer, and what a trailer!

By no stretch of the imagination is this shaping up to be H G Wells' War Of The Worlds (that's what we have the Pendragon version for), but this new trailer for the Spielberg movie is simply astounding. Great tension.

Monday, March 07, 2005

New behind the scenes photo from Spielberg movie

A new image can be found here.

New Teaser Trailer

A second teaser to the Speilberg movie is expected March 18th.

Mobile Martians

In what is sure to be the first of many tie-ins to the Spielberg WOTWs movie, Gameloft have secured the mobile phone game rights.