Saturday, May 16, 2009

New War of the Worlds tripod model

It's always great to learn of a new War of the Worlds product, and it's particularly exciting that a forthcoming War of the Worlds model represents a first commercial project for fan Neil Hughes. Neil has been crafting his vision of a Martian tripod for the last six months, and going by the pictures on his blog, this has been a labour of love. The model is intended for use in the rather wonderfully named war-gaming scenario Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving Generally Historical Times, or G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T for short. Eureka Miniatures will be selling the tripod, but to see some shots of the model in progress, check out Neil's blog.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cast Recording of Wayne's War of the Worlds available for pre-order

The stage version of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds is turning into something of a worldwide phenomena, having toured Australia and New Zealand and heading this year to Ireland, Holland and Germany. For the UK leg of the 2009 tour, each performance is to be recorded and made available for purchase just minutes later. You can pre-order the performance of your choice right now on the Concert Live website. Each 3 CD set will contain the recording of your choice, plus 20 photographs from that night’s performance. For those lucky enough to have tickets to one of the shows, this strikes me as a really superb memento of what is sure to me a fantastic concert experience, but of course you don’t have to attend a concert to buy one of these albums. The only real difficulty then is which date you pick. For more info and to pre-order The War of the Worlds CD, visit the Concert Live website.