Friday, December 03, 2004

Pendragon bites back

Its so interesting to see these two competing versions of the War Of The Worlds come together.
Pendragon just unleashed some more material online including a second trailer. Its looking a bit more exciting than the first and we get our first look here at some artillery lined up against the Martians. My money is on this being the most interesting of the two films. Its a shame that special effects will likely make or break it and course with $100 million dollars in the war chest of the oposing camp, its a bit of a one sided battle, but here is hoping that interlect and passion for the material at least hold their own. There is room for these two versions to each succeed on their own merits. Bring em on. - interview with the director. - roundup of all the material on the site. - new footage. The inteviews with the cast are interspaced with a new trailer.

Like this in particular from the director in regard to the Martians and their war machnes. Sounds very intriguing.

"... it's as if the medievalists, they had these giant overscaled catapults that they would use to sling these huge bales of fire the size of a wagon at each other. And so we sort of applied the idea that what if the medievalists had somehow stumbled on computer technology. How frightening would these massive overscaled iron and copper age kind of energies be, applied to computer use. And that's about as much as I can say ..."