Monday, April 25, 2005

The war (for an audience) is hotting up

By my count, this makes the 4th War Of The Worlds movie to be announced. Just to recap, we have the Speilberg version, the Tim Hines version, the revised Jeff Wayne version and now, the "David Michael Latt" version: Much as i'd like to be positive about this, the fact that has the movie listed as "invasion" very much suggests this is a quick rename of a movie to cash in on the hype over the other versions, unless this was the cover story. Hines kept his version super secret for a long time. The Independence Day-like poster is a bit of give-away that this straight to video movie has some pretty cheap and cheerful credentials. But hey, who am I to judge sight unseen. It might be fun. Offical website is here, though the link for trailer is dead.