Tuesday, April 12, 2005

War Of The Worlds tie in game for April 14th

A highly complex online multi player game is to be made available on the War Of The Worlds site, this April 14th. Quoting the press release, it will be "a human-survival game that echoes the themes and real world environments of the film, the game calls upon players to rescue survivors, collect objects, and escape danger in varying combinations. Players will try to escape maze-like boards while avoiding cataclysmic alien destruction. The game is free for users worldwide and will be available in seven different languages. Designed as both a single and multi-player game, the game’s objectives are scaled to the number of people playing; in addition, multi-player boards will require players to work together to complete their mission. In the weeks approaching the film’s release, additional maps – of increasing complication and difficulty – will become available". You can check out some great screen shots here at Ugo.com